Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspired by Norman Rockwell

I was thinking about Easter bonnets (as something to draw - I won't be wearing one), which brought to mind this image by Norman Rockwell
although I know it's just called "Walking to Church" and isn't specifically Easter.
This is the drawing that resulted
Then I wondered about superimposing these three on an old photo of a street and it turns out that this one is in the archives of the Norman Rockwell museum as a reference photo used by Rockwell himself.
So I had to put them together.


  1. What a fun idea :)
    Your bears look happier about their walk than Rockwell's humans do!

    1. I know. The humans are rather expressionless, but I couldn't draw bears looking dour.

    2. I think it is that your bears are leaning forwards, as if eager to get there, but the people are stiff in their best outfits and leaning more on their back legs, as if reluctant to go and not looking forward to arriving! Funny how posture can cause such an impression!

    3. You're right. Very insightful!

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