Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Street scene

I've been wanting to do a city street scene - maybe all those trips to Boston in recent weeks. I drew the whole image in pale grey marker on cold press watercolor paper (which I love for the way it takes washes) and then came back after all the color was done with a slightly darker grey marker to go over the people and the tree and make them stand out a bit more.


  1. I keep returning to this image because I love the clear bright colours.
    Are these your liquid watercolours?
    It reminds me of when I used to do silk painting, and the colours shimmered on the silk so beautifully.

    1. Actually it's a mixture of the liquid and regular watercolors. I mostly used the liquid ones in the clothes - the mum's jacket, the little girl's jacket, the man's scarf, the baby's stroller. I was afraid if I used them in the background they'd come forward too much.

    2. Just goes to show you know how to use each of them for the best effect. It all sits together beautifully. Thanks for responding to my querie.